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Expert Portable Generator Installation in Glen Rock, NJ

When the power goes out, there’s no telling when it will come back on. In some cases, it could be hours or even days without power. This can become dangerous and expensive, with possible injury in the dark or food going to waste. 

Those are just a few reasons to consider a portable generator installation in Glen Rock, NJ. Our certified electrician at North Crest, LLC can give you the best options for your budget and handle proper installation. Call us now and schedule your estimate to get started!

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Want Portable Generator Installation in Glen Rock, NJ?

There are a lot of reasons that you should consider getting a portable generator installation in Glen Rock, NJ. It’s also important to let our professionals install your portable generator and handle any maintenance or repairs in the future. If you want or need a portable generator, here are 5 of the main benefits to look forward to:

  1. You’ll have electricity in an emergency. One of the biggest concerns for power is in a medical or serious emergency. If you’re a homeowner, you might have to worry about the replacement cost of your groceries going back in the refrigerator or tripping over something in the dark. However, portable generators can be critical for first-responders and similar businesses to keep medical equipment running. 
  2. Keep equipment and tools going. A blackout doesn’t just involve medical situations, because construction and contractors still have to work. Without power, a lot of necessary tools aren’t operational and can halt progress. A portable generator can provide electricity for these scenarios and allow work to continue. A portable generator is also extremely convenient in this case, because it can be easily transported between construction sites.
  3. Appliances can stay on. While it’s more of a convenience in some cases, having your appliances still running in a power outage can feel safer or more comfortable. A lot of modern households rely on electricity to function, from lights to television. Since the power could be out for days, these sources of entertainment can make a big difference. If you work remotely, a portable generator can also let you finish your work or submit papers for college.
  4. Avoid injury. Some generators require manual input to start up, but a lot of portable generators offer programmable automation. That means that, once they sense the power outage, your portable generator will start without you having to do anything. You won’t have to worry about bumping into something or tripping over a table on your way to the generator when it comes on by itself.
  5. Have more opportunities for fun. While portable generators are generally used for serious issues, you can also use one for recreational purposes. If you’re going camping, you can use a portable generator to power a mini-fridge or floodlight. For fishing, you won’t have to worry about anything you catch spoiling before you get home. 

Portable generator installation in Glen Rock, NJ offers many benefits and purposes. With our professional experience, you won’t have to worry about a power outage, indoor or outdoor entertainment, or getting hurt in the dark. Portable generators can also power a sump pump to avoid your home getting flooded. If you’re interested in a portable generator for your home or business, hire a professional electrician in Glen Rock, NJ today and schedule your estimate!.

Furthermore, If you are interested in having an electrical panel changeout in Glen Rock, NJ or an EV Charging Station installation in Glen Rock, NJ, don’t hesitate to ask us about those services?

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After seeing the great reviews online, it was all true. Ken is an amazing electrician. He stop by our home and walked through the proposed project, recommended options and provided a quote same day. Ken was flexible with his start time and he stayed until the job was done. It is so hard to find highly qualified and trusted companies. I highly recommend this company to anyone without any hesitation. Already planning our next project with North Crest. Thank you Ken!

-Christopher M.

I highly recommend working with Ken. He redid all of our electricity throughout our entire home (installing recessed lighting, new light fixtures and an attic fan, redoing old/wrong wiring in outlets, moving outlets, and much more!). We had a very quick turnaround ask due to our closing date and he jumped on the project with no hesitation. Overall, Ken was fantastic to work with and we will definitely be using him for all future electrical needs!
-Baily B.

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Ken re-wired my mother’s entire electrical system. He was professional , extremely efficient and the cost came in under budget. He was communicative every step of the way, explaining exactly what had to be done and why. I highly recommend North Crest, LLC.

-Louise L.

Ken installed a 60 amp circuit out to the driveway for an electric car charger. He was extremely prompt and responsive. Showed up early. Job was done efficiently and the inspector remarked about how good the work looked. He also cleaned up our panel and made things safer.

-Brian H.

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